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Revell 1/72 British Infantry
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1/72 British Infantry - 02523

On 6th June 1944, in Operation Overlord, the Allies landed in Normandy. These included British infantry regiments who, in addition to the traditional 1937 webbing, also had new equipment such as the Mk III helmet and battle jerkin. Armed with the Sten sub-machine-gun, the no. 4 Mk I rifle, the PIAT anti-tank weapon, the Bren machine-gun and handy grenade launchers, they forced the defenders out of the landing zones Juno, Sword and Gold and during the followingdays and weeks smashed the German resistance in Quistreham, Arromanches and Caen.

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Part No: 02523
Item Name: 1/72 British Infantry
Brand: Revell

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