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Revell 1/72 Ju290 A7
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1/72 Ju290 A7 - 04285

The Junkers Ju 290, the Luftwaffe's only four-engined and wide-body aircraft, started with Lufthansa as the Ju 90 cargo aircraft. It flew for the first time on july 16, 1942. The Luftwaffe quickly felt the need not only for large cargo aircraft but also for a long range recce airplane, capable of detecting the allied convoys. The solution here was the Ju 290, with a flying range of over 3000 km and an mission endurance of more than 20 hours. This way series Ju 290A-3 started, followed by the A-4 with an armed ventral gondola. The last series built was the A-7, developped as a long range recce aircraft. It differed from the previous production series by its completely redesigned glass nose section and the installation of a FuG 203 Kehl IV. The type was delivered to Fernaufklarungsgruppe 5 (Long range recce group 5) in Mont-de-Marsan (France), which used it over the Atlantic. Just a few months later, 1./ KG 200 received the A-7 version. This unit flew highly secret missions behind the enemy lines. The Revell modell has a sumptuously detailed cockpit and engine fronts. Of particular interest are the long A-7 nose section and separate loading ramp. Alternatively, 3 HS 293 guided weapons can be attached to the pylons.

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Part No: 04285
Item Name: 1/72 Ju290 A7
Brand: Revell

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