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Revell 1/48 F14A Black Tomcat
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1/48 F14A Black Tomcat - 04514

The manoeuvrable F-14 is one of the most effective weapons systems used by the wester air forces and is still one of the most modern interceptors in the US Navy. Developed as an air superiority fighter, it has an outstanding performane range and, with its AW G-9 fire control radar, can fire its AIM-54 Phoenix guided missiles at up to six targets simultaneously. The prototype was already in the air in 1970 and was thoroughly tested by Navy Test and Trial Squadron VX-4 at Pt. Mugu, before deliveries started in 1972. The initial P&W power unit was later replaced by the more powerful GE F 110. Since 1973 more than 29 US Navy squadrons have been using the F-14. The predominantly black painted F-14 "Vandy One" of the Navy Test Unit VX-4 in Pt. Mugu (California) was a sensation in 1990.

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Part No: 04514
Item Name: 1/48 F14A Black Tomcat
Brand: Revell

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