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Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon
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1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon - 04568

The Eurofighter is the most up-to-date multi-role combat aircraft in the world. No other combat aircraft programme of the next generation can claim to have received a greater volume of orders. The Eurofighter Typhoon is extremely agile and manoeuvrable. It is specifically designed to meet the air defence requirements of the partner nations and will possess outstanding air-to-surface capability. The Eurofighter, the most advanced combat aircraft of the fourth generation is a joint programme carried out by the firms EADS of Germany and Spain, BAE Systems of Great Britain and Alenia of Italy. This state-of-the-art combat aircraft of its class combines innovative and advanced technologies and boasts impressive versatility. Perfected for the air superiority role in both close and long-range combat, the Eurofighter also has extended capabilities for ground attack, for reconnaissance, for containment missions and for attacking sea targets. Equipped with the latest generation of guided missiles, the Eurofighter has an outstanding arsenal of weapons. Integrated systems, an optimum man/machine interface and the latest production technologies. Of the total of 620 aircraft made for the four partner nations, Great Britain will have 232, Germany 180, Italy 121 and Spain 87. Deliveries began at the end of 2003 and since the spring of 2004 the Eurofighter has been in service with all four air forces.

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Part No: 04568
Item Name: 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon
Brand: Revell

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