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Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Kit
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Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Kit - 04689

As well as its classic role as a twin-seat training aircraft, in future two seater Eurofighters will also be equipped for the Fighter-Bomber role. The Eurofighter is the most up-to-date multi-role combat aircraft in the world. No other next generation combat aircraft programme of can claim to have received a greater volume of orders. The Eurofighter Typhoon is extremely agile and manoeuvrable. It is specifically designed to meet the Air Defence requirements of the partner nations and will possess an outstanding air-to-surface capability. The Eurofighter is the most advanced combat aircraft developed in Europe and is the product of a joint programme between the German and Spanish EADS Company, BAE Systems of Great Britain and Alenia Aeronautica of Italy. This, the most modern combat aircraft of its class combines innovative and advanced technology and boasts impressive versatility. Perfected for the air superiority role in both long and short range combat, the Eurofighter also has an extensive capability in the ground attack, reconnaissance and maritime attackroles. Equipped with the latest generation guided missiles, the Eurofighter has an outstanding weapons arsenal. Similar to the F-15 Strike Eagle, a Weapons Systems Officer will assist the pilot during his mission (in reality the EF has been designed to be full combat ready in all roles as a single seater, exactly to avouid to have another crew member like the F-15 or the Tornado) The second crew member could be useful for the SEAD roles (Suppression of Enemy Air Defence). This crew composition has already been successfully employed within the Royal Air Force (in reality the RAF fighter bomber unit is composed by sigle seaters). Since September 2003, most of the Royal Air Force's "Twin-Seater's"have been concentrated at No. 29 (R) Squadron, the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF Conningsby. The OCU is responsible for the complete technical and tactical training of Eurofighter Pilots within the Royal Air Force.

• Twin-Seater Cockpit including Instrument Panel
• Fine structural surface detail and recessed panel contours
• Fully detailed ejector seat
• Operating Canards
• Detailed air intakes
• Jet Exhausts in two configurations
•Fully detailed air brake flaps (optionally open)
• Complete landing gear with highly detailed retraction struts
• In-flight refuelling probe, optionally extended or retracted
• Two external under-wing fuel tanks
• One ventral Fuel Tank
• Under-wing Pylons
• 4 Meteor Guided Missiles
• 4 AMRAAM Guided Missiles
• 2 Sidewinder Guided Missiles
• 2 Laser Guided Bombs
• 2 IRIS-T Guided Missiles
• Either 2 Taurus Guided Missiles
• 2 Storm Shadow Guided Missiles for the RAF version
• 2 ASRAAM Guided Missiles

Super decal Set:
• Eurofighter Typhoon of No. 17 Squadron Royal Air Force C ningsby, Licolnshire 2009 • Eurofighter of German Air Force Jagdgeschwader 73 General Steinhoff", Laage, Germany, 2009

Build Type:Kit
Part Count:241 Pieces

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: 04689
Item Name: Revell 1/48 Eurofighter Kit
Brand: Revell

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