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Revell 1/125 Ocean Exploration
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Revell 1/125 Ocean Exploration - 05101

From the North Pole to the South, from the shallows to the deeps, exploration vessels undertake a variety of ocean exploration assignments, acting as floating science laboratories. Originally this 42m long ship was an American mine-sweeper that was launched in 1942. The US Navy made her available to Great Britain who used her in the Mediterranean in World War II. After the war the ship remained in the Mediterranean and was converted into a ferry, until she was taken over by an oceanographer in 1950. This oceanographer fundamentally redesigned the vessel and installed specific exploration equipment aboard for research purposes. The ship has hydrojet- propelled submarines, an additional rubber dinghy and a Hughes 300C helicopter. The helicopter lands on a pad installed aft.

• Detailed two-piece hull with observation ports
• Detailed decks with rails
• Helicopter landing pad
• Rotating crane aft
• Hughes 300C helicopter
• 2 diver figures with shark cage
• 2 sharks
• Rubber dinghy
• 2 tenders
• 3 submarines
• Displaystand
• Decals

Part Count:139

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: 05101
Item Name: Revell 1/125 Ocean Exploration
Brand: Revell

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