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Revell 1/100 A-10 Thundebolt
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Revell 1/100 A-10 Thundebolt - 06633

Designed and built in the early to mid Seventies, the A-10 is of very strong construction, able to absorb and survive a great deal of battle damage; its large tubofan engines are high-mounted with the exhausts partially shielded from infra-red detection by large tailplane and fin aurface, while the pilot sits in an armoured cockpit construced of titanium. The broad straight wings and tail surfaces are fitted with large control surfaces for manoeuvrability, the design allowing 11 external stores stations under the wings and fuselage to carry a wide variety of ordnance.

Now Revell offers this superb aircraft in it's 1/100 scale snap together series. No paint or glue is required - simply trim the plastic parts from their sprue trees, file any burs and snap together! Perfect results everytime!

Skill:Complete Novice

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: 06633
Item Name: Revell 1/100 A-10 Thundebolt
Brand: Revell

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