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Revell 1/65 Star Wars Tie Fighter P
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Revell 1/65 Star Wars Tie Fighter - 06686

An original Star Wars film fan? Then look no further. Enjoy building the TIE fighter used by the forces loyal to Darth Vader - although not with great success! The Revell kit, unlike the TIE fighter's performance in the film, will prove a success; Revell's years of experience in the plastic model making field ensure that moulding is sharp and the parts fit together without the need for excessive whipping out of the modelling file! No paint or glue is required to complete this model; it simply fits together - a great way to introduce a youngster into the hobby

The Twin-Ion-Engine fighter of the Imperial troops is one of the most frequently used space fighters and was made in immense quantities. As with all TIE designs, the standardised cockpit is in the middle of the ship and is linked to the solarwings by outriggers. Thanks to the transparent cockpit surfaces, the TIE offers a better panoramic view than other fighters. The TIE is armed with fixed mountedtwin laser cannon....or so the filmakers would have you believe.

Supplied in attractive packaging which is sure to appeal to fans of the film or those who simple enjoy building models!

Build Type:Plastic Kit

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: 06686
Item Name: Revell 1/65 Star Wars Tie Fighter
Brand: Revell

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