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Black Horse Su26M 55Cc Artf
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Black Horse Su26M 55Cc Artf - a-bh096
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Designed and built in the U.S.S.R. and taking its maiden flight in 1984, the SU-26 is a single seater aerobatic plane which has been winning aerobatic championships since 1986. Long has the 26 entertained audiences, and this model is designed to emulate the characteristics of the original.

This is the biggest version of the Su-26 in the Black horse range and you get a lot of model for your money. The main construction is from Laser-cut balsa and ply parts. Each has been optimised to give the correct combination of strength an low weight. Black Horse engineers use the very latest Cad techniques to do this combined with clever jigs and some unique wood shaping methods. The net result is a strong models that has predictable flight performance and exceptional agility. Pretty much like the full size!!

That huge cowling is exquisitely moulded in GRP using epoxy resin to have great durability without the need for huge weight from inferior moulding techniques. Just look at how scale all the scale features are there. Most engines and silencers are fully swallowed inside to keep the outside looking just like a scale model should.

Undercarriage is in the form of heavy duty aluminium legs mounted onto large ply plates that are bonded into the main structure. She will absorb quite a lot, but the design is for flying not teaching landings so it is not going to take big impacts. With this level of model, the landing is easy anyway so there's no need to worry.

The wings come off for easy transportation but the fuiselage is still a pretty bulky item, so you will need a reasonable estate car to move her about.

Bolt on a decent 50-55cc engine like the OS GT-55 and you can explore that performance envelope to the limit.

Length:1,950mm (76.77")
Petrol Engine:50 - 55cc
Radio:8 Channel
Servos:8 (7Kg minimum)
Weight:8.5 kg (18.7lb)
Wingspan:2,240mm (88.19")
Black Horse
SRP: 351.99
Part No: A-BH096
Item Name: Black Horse Su26M 55Cc Artf
Brand: Black Horse

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