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Great Planes Christen Eagle 46 Artf
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Great Planes Christen Eagle 46 Artf - A-GPMA1431
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Like the hot rod, the Christen Eagle is an all-American creation. Self-made millionaire Frank Christensen designed it as an unlimited-class aerobat that pilots could build at home. It was an immediate hit with pilots and air show crowds and this ARF promises to be just as popular. It's designed to deliver the same adrenaline-charged aerobatics as the original, as well as the amazing assembly ease Great Planes is famous for! Faster to attach easier to remove! Unique interplane struts do away with clumsy brackets, tiny screws and wasted time. Just slide it into the bottom wing. Putting the top wing in place "traps" it in place with a fit that holds tight whether it's upright, inverted or on knife-edge.

Designed for fast-paced aerobatics and easy assembly.
Captures the trademark "Eagle" trim scheme in bright MonoKote colors!
A great performer with glow engines or brushless power!
Innovative interplane struts eliminate brackets and tiny screws, speeding assembly and teardown.
Comes with a painted pilot figure already installed.
2-Stroke:.46 - .55
4-Stroke:.70 - .72
Length:1005mm (39.5")
Radio:4 Channel (Req.)
Servos:2-3 Standard & 2-4 Micro
Weight:2610 - 2830g (5.75 - 6.25lb)
Wingspan:1015mm (40") & 1080mm (42.5")
Great Planes

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: A-GPMA1431
Item Name: Great Planes Christen Eagle 46 Artf
Brand: Great Planes

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