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Great Planes Yak 54 3D Ep Artf
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Great Planes Yak 54 3D Ep Artf - A-GPMA1542
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Great Planes designed the Yak-54 3D ARTF specifically for superior 3D performance and the model spent a year in development.The result is a model with a truly outstanding 3D performance. The Yak 54 assembles quickly from the factory built and covered laser-cut balsa and ply structures. Oversized ailerons provide impressive roll rates and superior control at all flying speeds. With maximum throws its 3D wild ideal for parks and other small sites. Like the ailerons, the tail control surfaces are also oversized. They provide the model with impressive pitch and yaw authority giving the experienced pilot the right tools for Walls, Parachutes, Blenders and more. Your choice of power system is easy to install, with motor mounts for both inrunner and outrunner motor types included.

Performs demanding precision and 3D aerobatics as well as larger models at smaller sites, like parks and ball fields.
Assembles quickly from prebuilt structures of laser-cut balsa and ply.
Includes a complete hardware package designed specifically for E-Performance aircraft.
LiPo:3S 11.1v 1250 - 2100mAh
Electric Motor:35-30-950 Outrunner
Length:960mm (38")
Radio:4 Ch.
Weight:680 - 765g (24 - 27oz)
Wing Area:23 dm (356 in)
Wing Loading:30 - 33 g/dm (9.7 - 10.9 oz sq/ft)
Wingspan:1040mm (41")
Great Planes

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: A-GPMA1542
Item Name: Great Planes Yak 54 3D Ep Artf
Brand: Great Planes

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