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Hirobo Srb Quark 35Mhz Mode 2
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Hirobo Srb Quark 35Mhz Mode 2 - a-h0302-907
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Just now and then, something comes along that redefines the class and leaves everything else in its wake. The new Hirobo SRB Quark is that machine. This all new fixed-pitch machine is far from basic and incorporates many top of the range components and patented ideas that all combine to make the easiest indoor machine to fly, yet retain that 'real model' feel. The SRB Quark is designed for indoor flying or outside on calm days.The fully integrated receiver (35mhz), twin speed controllers and gyro are mated together in one 'unit' and have been developed purely for the SRB Quark. The system incorporates an arming facility to ensure you are really ready to fly before opening the throttle. The single main rotor is driven by an efficient 13.5g, 1720kv, outrunner brushless motor through a carbon main shaft for strength and light weight. Main rotors are foam like the XRB to act as a damper and absorb energy in a crash , preventing personal injury to the pilot or spectators. Like the famous XRB, the entire new 'aerodynamic' stabiliser assembly comes off after impact to minimise damage. The shaft drive tail is powered by a high quality, 10g coreless motor to a regular tail gearbox and then through Hirobo's patented tail rotor control system with 'safe' foam blades. Cyclic control is by two independent and conventional, 6g servos.The hard-cased, 480mAh 2 cell Li-Po (30g) is charged via the dedicated balance type, mains charger supplied and will give about 10 minutes of flight time. Flight performance is stunning and intended to move the pilot on to a new level from an XRB with a stable and forgiving machine that responds like a conventional model to commands.

A great deal of time has been spent on minimising weight to gain performance and long flight times. Just sometimes, it is nice to fly and own the best rather than the cheapest!

Contents; Ready to fly Helicopter, 480mAh 2 cell li-po battery, mains charger with balancing, 35MHz Mode 2 transmitter, spare main blades, rotor balancer.
Build Type:RTF
Rotor Diameter:355mm

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: A-H0302-907
Item Name: Hirobo Srb Quark 35Mhz Mode 2
Brand: Hirobo

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