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Blade 350 QX2 Quadcopter RTF
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Blade 350 QX2 Quadcopter RTF - blh8000uk2
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The Blade 350 QX2 is an upgraded version of the massively popular aerial camera platform. This edition of the 350 QX has been optimised with Firmware 2.0 and features improved hardware. Upgrades on the 350 QX2 include the ability to facilitate a 3000mAh battery for longer flight times and the addition of an improved full range receiver. Just like its predecessor, the 350 QX2 utilizes SAFE™ technology to deliver a smooth and easy flying experience with multiple flight modes, the revolutionary SAFE circle and return home feature. The 350 QX2 comes ready for use with GoPro action cameras so you can capture images and video in HD. Start seeing the world from a whole new perspective today.

Armed with SAFE technology, the Blade 350QX2 can be flown in three different modes, each with varying levels of SAFE assistance to help cater for the requirements of the burgeoning pilot. From Smart Mode with full assistance through to agility mode with minimal assistance, the performance flight envelope of the 350QX2 can be set up to match the skills of the pilot or the requirements of the flight. Smart mode provides the fullest level of assistance and makes the Blade 350QX2 ideal for novice flyers and recreational video enthusiasts. With self-leveling, altitude and position hold features, Smart mode can help the burgeoning pilot achieve a smooth and steady flight and reduces the risk of disorientation or pilot confusion and panic. The innovative SAFE Circle feature even prevents the 350QX2 from flying too close to the pilot whilst the Stick Relativity feature ensures that the 350QX2 will always follow the control stick direction according to the pilot’s location and it’s launch orientation – regardless of which way it is actually pointing at the time. This enables even the most inexperienced pilot to fly with the grace and poise of a professional.

With its inbuilt GPS and altitude monitoring, the 350QX2 can even return ‘home’ and land itself safely to its point of motor start up simply with the flick of a switch.

As the pilot progresses, Stability Mode limits the flight performance envelope to allow the pilot to explore the boundaries of the flight performance whilst the GPS hold characteristics help keep it in a stable and consistent hover – even if you let go of the sticks. Whilst Agility mode provides an exhilarating flight experience whereby the 350QX2 will flip, loop and roll with the best of them.

• SAFE technology
• Smart Mode
• Stability Mode
• Aerial Photography Mode
• New battery tray and 3S 3000 mAh battery included
• New receiver for improved range and performance
• Improved GPS Performance
• Optimised with Firmware 2.0
• GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ anti-vibration camera mount included
• White battery hatch
• Spektrum DX4 transmitter included in the RTF version

Engineered with SAFE Technology
SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system. It also offers smoother flight capability that battles windy conditions for you and multiple modes so you can fly with the level of protection and assistance that suits any given moment of the flight.

Stability Mode
In Stability Mode, SAFE technology limits the flight envelope of the 350 QX and enables self-leveling characteristics for consistent level flight even when pilot input is abruptly removed from the control sticks. In Stability Mode, GPS Position Hold is active when the pilot stops providing stick input.

Agility Mode
The 350 QX utilizes AS3X flight characteristics to deliver a robust flight experience. While flying in Agility Mode, the 350 QX can perform aerobatic maneuvers with extreme stability thanks to SAFE technology. Agility mode can only be activated by a DX6i transmitter or higher.

GoPro Compatible
Thanks to four 1100Kv brushless motors and ample power from a 3S 2200mAh 30C Li-Po battery, the 350 QX has more than enough power to carry a GoPro® camera*. An anti-vibration camera mount** is included with purchase.

SAFE Circle
Never worry about flying too close to yourself with this invisible pilot barrier (Smart Mode only).

Return Home
During flight, with the flip of a switch and without any stick input from the pilot, the 350 QX will automatically return home to where its motors were started.

Stick Relativity
Move the cyclic stick on the transmitter right or left, and the 350 QX will move right or left relative to the pilot regardless of which way it's pointing (Smart Mode only).

AP Mode
Aerial Photography mode gives the 350 QX softer self-leveling characterisitcs to ensure the best footage possible from the onboard camera. AP mode also activates position holding capablilities allowing the 350 QX to lock into a desired GPS and altitude when the sticks are released.

Smart Mode
While in Smart mode, SAFE technology engages the innovative SAFE Circle™ which prevents the 350 QX from flying too close to its pilot. When in a hover, GPS and altimeter sensors keep the quadcopter in a consistent stable position. The stick relativity feature allows the 350 QX to follow the directional inputs from a pilot regardless of the orientation of the quadcopter.

GPS & Altimeter Technology
GPS and altimeter sensors in the 350 QX provide the ability to remain in a specific position for stable aerial footage and peace of mind.

SRP: £399.99

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: BLH8000UK2
Item Name: Blade 350 QX2 Quadcopter RTF
Brand: Blade

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