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Dragon 1/35 British Infantry (Norma
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Dragon 1/35 British Infantry (Norma - d6212

Dragon have added to their seemingly exhaustive list of 1/35 scale figures with this set of Britsh Infantry from Operation Overlord/Market Garden in June/July 1944. The soliders appear in fighting guise, with a Bren machine gun crew lying on the ground in an attacking stance, a Sten sub-machine gun weilding troop looking around inquisitively and 3 other Infantrymen adopting various poses whilst clasping their standard issue Lee Enfeild .303 rifles.

Nautrally, as with all these kits, accessories are included such that one can make each solider unqiue.


Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: D6212
Item Name: Dragon 1/35 British Infantry (Norma
Brand: Dragon

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