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Align GP780 Gyro
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Gp780 Gyro - HEG78001T
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Brand new intelligent control logic providing dynamic gain adjustment by detecting current flying conditions, allowing for consistent pirouetting rates during chaos or other demanding 3D manoeuvres. Utilises feed forward control logic to boost rudder starting speed, and increase response sensitivity. Utilises Silicon Micro Machines (SMM) sensor with excellent stability to dramatically reduce in-flight tail drifts. Utilises AHTCS (Active Helicopter Tail Control System) to compensate any drift caused by wind direction and force , as well as unintended yaw induced by helicopter itself during flight manoeuvres. Tailor made specifically for use with high speed digital rudder servos. This gyro festures high sensitivity and minimal reaction time, fully utilising the potential of modern high speed digital rudder servos.

• Features 1520's pulse wide and 760's narrow pulse wide frame rate
• Digital/Analog servo switchable
• Reverse switch
• Rudder servo travel limit adjustment (ATV)
• Delay adjustment
• Gyro locking mode and gain can be adjusted remotely from the transmitter

Voltage:4.5 - 7v

Part No: HEG78001T
Item Name: Gp780 Gyro
Brand: Align

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