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Irvine 150 R/C Mkii
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Irvine 150 R/C Mkii - L-IRV3502

The MkII version of the popular Irvine 150 shares the same design criteria as its predecessor by offering solid performance in a compact package, but takes the concept a step further by optimising the crankcase gas passages to ensure maximum power, yet retain a high gas flow for improved throttle response.The ringed piston and iron liner combination provides easy starting, quick running in and longevity. The piston even has bronze wrist pin bushes, such is the attantion to detail.That CNC machined cylinder head is not just a nice piece of engineering, the type of aluminium used is also more effeicient at dissipating heat than a casting.As the mounting dimensions are fully compatible with the industry standard OS 160FX, you can be sure that the Irvine 150 will also fit most ARTF models that call for this size of engine. The same applies to the exhaust mounting bolts so you can be sure of finding a silencer to suit your needs as well.Supplied with cast rear radial mount as standard but without a silencer.
Power Output:3.55PS @ 11,500rpm
Practical RPM:1,700 - 12,000

Part No: L-IRV3502
Item Name: Irvine 150 R/C Mkii
Brand: Irvine

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