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OS O.S. Speed 91HZ-R 3D
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O.S. Speed 91HZ-R 3D - l-os18642
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O.S. is taking their new 91HZ-R to even higher levels of performance thanks to the new 'on demand' regulator system. Designed specifically for this engine, the system guarantees the steady fuel supply needed for the most demanding of flights with constant, vigorous altitude and throttle changes. The 91HZ-R also performs well as an F3C powerhouse providing a steady, smooth run and exacting mixture controls.

Unlike with a pump or muffler pressure, the fuel arrives at the regulator under constant pressure. This ensures the engine will run exactly the same throughout the entire tank - from full to empty. Additionally, this regulator has been designed so that the mounting position of the system is perfectly in line with the carbourettor resulting in consistent engine opperation in all attitudes of the model. Rest assured, 91HZ-R will never be lacking in fuel or lagging in performance!
Power Output:3.6hp
Practical RPM:2,000 - 16,000rpm

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: L-OS18642
Item Name: O.S. Speed 91HZ-R 3D
Brand: OS

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