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Novak Gt7 Speed Control
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Novak Gt7 Speed Control - ne1785

As its name may imply, the GT7 includes 7 factory-programmed throttle programs. Programmable by design, the GT7 can also be customized specifically to match the driverís preferences through Novakís convenient new On-Board Programming, which allows the user to select one of seven throttle programs, as well as customize the GT7 without an external device. The One-Touch/Programming Button, along with a series of four different-colored LEDs, easily guides the user through the selection and customization process. Like programs 1-6, the GT7ís 7th program comes factory-set. It is this 7th program, however, that users may customize, and then store their newly created program in place of the original 7th program. If desired, the 7th program can always be reverted to the original factory-programmed values by performing the One-Touch Set-Up.

Drivers are empowered to create a program specifically for their racing purposes by having the ability to adjust the following parameters: 1 of 5 Standard Brake or 5 Drag Brake profiles, 7 Minimum Brake values, and 1 of 5 Drive Profiles (which encompasses Drive Frequency and Minimum Drive). With the ability to adjust these parameters, drivers can customize the speed control to meet their specific needs.

Another convenient feature implemented in the GT7 is an external, multi-positionable, case mountable, power switch and power capacitor mounting bracket. This simply means that the user can slide the ESCís power switch into several different positions on the ESCís case in order to set it in the most ideal position that is convenient to the user. A mounting bracket for the power capacitor can also be slid into the case, which the capacitor can then be zip-tied to.

A continuous signal-checking circuitry confirms whether or not the ESC is receiving a signal from the receiver, while a Transmitter Check Mode checks whether the transmitter has enough ďthrowĒ in the forward and brake directions.

Convenient Direct Solder Wiring Tabs are found on the GT7. The solder tabs lower the on-resistance of the speed control, lessen the possibility of getting a short-circuit underneath the board, and are easier for users to solder onto than solder posts.

The GT7 includes all of the same standard features found in all current Novak speed controls: One-Touch Set-Up, Radio Priority Circuitry, and Polar Drive Technology.
Dimensions:34.5mm x 28.3mm x 16.8mm
SRP: £99.99

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Part No: NE1785
Item Name: Novak Gt7 Speed Control
Brand: Novak

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