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ProPeak Pro Peak Taurus Charger W/E
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Pro Peak Taurus Charger W/Eq6+ - o-ip3001
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The new Pro-Peak Taurus is an innovative multi function charger far superior to existing conventional chargers. This unit is especially designed to maximize charge efficiency using its own unique algorithm. The integral 2 line, 16 character LCD screen displays various information relating to the operating modes and adjustment parameters, as well as key functions - such as the battery charge state, which shows the percentage of capacity remaining. Taurus is very user friendly - even for beginners - thanks to its 2 automatic and 10 intelligent selectable 'battery parameter' manual memories. The manual 10 memories, containing factory pre-set battery parameters, can be re-programmed to store your own standard battery pack parameters so that you can obtain the same precise results whenever you charge. Also Featuring 2 Automatic Memories, 10 User Selectable Memories, Zero Current Voltage Check, Suitable for operation with a 12v Lead-Acid (Pb) battery or 10-15v DC Power SupplyUp to 2C Charging!
Lead-Acid:1 - 6
LiPo:1 - 12
NiCad/Ni-MH:1 - 30
Charge Current:0.1 - 10A
Discharge Current:0.1 - 10A

Part No: O-IP3001
Item Name: Pro Peak Taurus Charger W/Eq6+
Brand: ProPeak

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