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ProPeak Pro-Peak Watt Meter
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Pro-Peak Watt Meter - o-ipwm

At last, a heavy duty watt meter that can monitor the power consumption of your motor/load source and `freeze' record the peaks for later checking. The Watt Meter can be used to measure battery performance, motor performance, charger performance, speed controller (ESC) performance or even the current demanded by a receiver/servo combination. An important feature to decide if a BEC has enough power. The moulded plastic case has an easy-grip finish and the unit is both compact and durable. The blue illuminated, LCD display is clear and logically laid out for easy understanding.

Operates From 4.8 ~ 60V From 0V With Optional Auxiliary Battery
Current (Amps) 0~130A, Resolution 0.01A
Voltage (Volts) 0~60V, Resolution 0.01V
Power (Watts) 0~6554W, Resolution 0.1W
Current Delivery (Amp Hours) 0~65Ah, Resolution 0.001Ah
Energy (Watt Hours) 0~6554Wh, Resolution 0.1Wh

Part No: O-IPWM
Item Name: Pro-Peak Watt Meter
Brand: ProPeak

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