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Futaba Battery Checker/Balancer-Uni
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Battery Checker/Balancer-Universal - p-br-3000
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The new Futaba BR-3000 Battery Checker is a sophisticated unit that can be used to check a wide range of battery packs of varying voltages, with Li-Po, Li-Fe and Li-Ion packs of 2-7 cells, and Ni-MH and Ni-Cd packs of 4-7 cells all being suitable for checking with the BR-3000. Important information such as total pack voltage and remaining capacity are available for all packs, whilst those using Lithium technology can also be checked for individual cell voltage, minimum and maximum cell voltage and cell voltage differences, as well as being able to take advantage of the included balance function.
NiCad/Ni-MH:4-7 Cell
Dimensions:85 x 63 x 15mm

Part No: P-BR-3000
Item Name: Battery Checker/Balancer-Universal
Brand: Futaba

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