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Futaba 18Ch Combo 2.4Ghz M2 R7008Sb
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18Ch Combo 2.4Ghz M2 R7008Sb - p-cb18mz-l
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Immerse yourself in a product so revolutionary that it has the potential to change the way 2.4GHz systems are designed. Combining the Futaba legacy with an 18-channel system is probably more than enough to make long-time fliers want to buy one. However, the 18MZ also offers the latest and best chapter in Futaba's 2.4GHz developments: new FASSTest (Expanded System Telemetry) technology, whilst also being able to operate on FASST and S-FHSS transmission systems, enabling all Futaba 2.4GHz aircraft/helicopter receivers to be used as well as all the forthcoming Ripmax FTR (Futaba Transmitter Ready) models – which are also S-FHSS.

Powered by a 7.4V, 3500mAh Li-Po transmitter battery, the 18MZ is the first true 18-channel Futaba radio system ever. It comes with an R7000SB telemetry enabled receiver, a high-voltage design that operates up to 8 channels using the 8 standard PWM outputs or up to 18 channels (16 proportional + 2 digital) through the 18MZ’s two S-Bus2 ports. That means a simpler setup and full support for S-Bus and S-Bus2 servos. As supplied the R7008SB receiver includes integral sensors for receiver voltage, signal strength and external voltage, with further separate sensors due to be available soon.

Slide a card in the inbuilt SD slot and you have ample capacity for unlimited updates, mode memories and sound/picture files. That’s especially pleasing, since the 18MZ has a built-in 0.3M megapixel camera eliminating the need for a digital camera or mobile phone; just point the 18MZ, click and you have a foolproof picture ID of your model in seconds. The transmitter includes a big, brilliant and backlit 6” touch screen with 640x240 resolution which provides sparkling clarity on remarkably little power. Gentle finger pressure is all that’s needed for fast, easy navigation and programming.

Popularised by the 14MZ software updates for the 18MZ will available online providing a fast and easy way to keep your system “current”. It features a built-in USB Port which can be utilised to connect a memory stick, keyboard or mouse or to download telemetry data to your PC or laptop for storage and reference.

The in-built S-Bus programming system allows the 18MZ to be used whilst setting up a model with S-Bus servos, removing the requirement for a laptop and CIU-2 interface and thus simplifying setups. First introduced on the 14MZ, the adjustable gimbal angles feature has proven so popular that it was included on the 18MZ, as well. It’s more than a comfort/convenience feature; it allows you to customise your control setup for greater ease and precision.

The functions outlined here are just the tip of the iceberg - making the Futaba 18MZ a must have for any serious pilot!

• S-FHSS/FASST/FASSTest Transmission Modes
• Inbuilt Telemetry System
• 18 Channels
• Dedicated 2.4GHz Transmitter
• Extended Operating Time of at Least 6 Hours
• Unlimited Model Memories (Using Optional SD Card/s)
• S-Bus Servo Programming System
• HVGA Soft-Touch Screen with LED Backlighting
• Integral Camera
• Visual and Audible Telemetry Outputs
• FTR Compatible

Special Offer! When any of our Futaba radio sets are purchased in-store, you will receive a FREE Futaba Cap & Ripmax Lanyard. Please Note: This offer is only available to customers that visit our store - not avialable on the web or over the telephone.

Part No: P-CB18MZ/L
Item Name: 18Ch Combo 2.4Ghz M2 R7008Sb
Brand: Futaba

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