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Futaba Tx/Rx Chgr (Tx 7.2V 170Ma) (
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Tx/Rx Chgr (Tx 7.2V 170Ma) (8/12Fg) - p-fbc35d-4

Originally developed for use with the 8FG and 12FG radios, the new FBC35D/4 charger has a 7.2v 170mAh output for the Tx battery and a 600mA 4.8 - 8.4v delta peak terminated output for the Rx battery pack, and can be used for both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery packs.

Part No: P-FBC35D/4
Item Name: Tx/Rx Chgr (Tx 7.2V 170Ma) (8/12Fg)
Brand: Futaba

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