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Futaba Hal2100 Autopilot
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Hal2100 Autopilot - p-hal2100

Anything that can ease, assist and speed up the process of learning to fly a model aircraft has got to be good news! The HAL Auto Pilot has been designed to to just that....

The HAL Auto Pilot controls the elevator and aileron servos and will maintain, or return, the aircraft to straight and level flight in the absence of any pilot elevator/aileron control inputs. So if a manoeuvre goes wrong and the pilot is in trouble, simply let go of the sticks and HAL will return the aircraft to straight and level flight.

Once HAL has got everything under control, simply try again, as soon as the pilot inputs an elevator/aileron command the aircraft will respond. Used in conjunction with formal tuition from a BMFA qualified instructor, there's no easier, or safer way of learning to fly!

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: P-HAL2100
Item Name: Hal2100 Autopilot
Brand: Futaba

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