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Sanwa M11 (N-Tx) 40Mhz Fm Combo
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Sanwa M11 (N-Tx) 40Mhz Fm Combo - p-m11-4n

The top level of steering wheel style car radios has been moved to a totally different standard thanks to the introduction of the new Sanwa M11. Never before have so many useful features been packed into one set. Not only are these features in the computer, the M11 has been designed to suit both left and right handed drivers equally by allowing the grip to be orientated accordingly. All the buttons and adjusters fall easily to hand and the trim positions can be re-orientated if required. Throttle spring as well as steering spring tension can be adjusted. Just as you would expect on a top level radio, trims are digital.

Programming has always been simple and intuitive on a Sanwa computer radios and the M11 is no exception. Using the short cut keys you can scroll through the M11's three function pages quickly so that you can get out on the track again, fast. In fact, just about everything in the M11 is fast, only the fast driving is down to you!

One of the many new features in the M11 is the ability to assign up to three features on one switch and being able to see which features are either on or off. By having 4 channels available as a selectable option, you can take advantage of the fabulous new anti-lock braking system which can be programmed for bias between front and rear brakes as well. A real boon for 1/5th scale drivers!!

With a memory for 30 models and 12 characters to play with, identifying the setup you need has never been easier. It even has 12 character user naming! There's a great new Expo function called TWEAK that enables you to really fine tune your expo settings even further. With a host of other top level features like being able to select from two backlight colours, two C-Mixes, multiple screen graphics, servo monitoring the new M11 is destined to become the choice of champions at both national and international levels.

Dual Rate Steering
End Point Adjustment
Expo with Tweak ARC (Adjustable Rate Control) Steering Servo Speed
Anti-Lock Braking
Traction Control
30 Model Memory
Sub Trim, Timers
Servo Reversing
Start Position
Throttle Hold
Brake Mixing
Servo Monitor
Screen Setup
Selectable Audio Tones
Vibration Alarm
Switch Assignment
Trim Assignment
User Naming.

40MHz FM Transmitter with nicad pack
Dual nicad charger
DSC lead
RX-431/40 micro receiver
Three lead switch harness


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Part No: P-M11/4N
Item Name: Sanwa M11 (N-Tx) 40Mhz Fm Combo
Brand: Sanwa

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