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Solarfilm Clearcoat (Jar) - 110Ml
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Clearcoat (Jar) - 110Ml - t-f-12110

Synthetic resin solution. Fuel-resistant, flexible. Dries to a colourless, clear coating with a glossy surface. Quick drying, sprays well. Less easy to brush since it dries quickly. Can be thinned with Solarlac Thinners.

1. Used for sealing wooden surfaces BEFORE covering with an iron on covering to prevent fuel or oil penetrating the wood if any gets under the edge of the covering. The adhesive of the iron on melts together with the Clearcoat resins and forms a seal along the edge of the covering.

2. As a surface finish on Solartex. Clearcoat give a smooth, flexible finish that prevents soiling of the matt surface of the Solartex. One coat for a satin finish. Further coats add gloss. Does not discolour with age.

Note: Clearcoat must NOT be used on paints or enamels. It contains solvents which destroy plastic foam, so if used on veneered foam be sure that any splits or gaps in the veneer are sealed with epoxy before application.

Part No: T-F/12110
Item Name: Clearcoat (Jar) - 110Ml
Brand: Solarfilm

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