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Great Planes 4-Step Standard Prop R
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4-Step Standard Prop Reamer - T-GPMQ5005

Stepped Reamers are for use enlarging the hole in aircraft propellers whilst maintaining centring. Since they cut the material accurately, your propeller will run more concentrically, thus reducing vibration, a major cause of engine/radio wear! It's even possible to remove the handle and mount the cutting bit in a drill press for added precision! Taper Reamers are used primarily for cutting holes in model car body shells, but will work equally well on soft woods and thin sheet metal - the pointed tip means that you don't even need to drill a pilot hole. Drills holes from 3~14mm. Cutting bit can be safely stored in its own handle.
Great Planes

Part No: T-GPMQ5005
Item Name: 4-Step Standard Prop Reamer
Brand: Great Planes

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