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Vaterra 1:10 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1
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Vaterra Chevrolet Camaro Z-L1 - vtr03012i
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Experience the thrill of the chase with this authentic licensed 2012 CHP Camaro ZL1 sport coupe from Vaterra. The California Highway Patrol have long since flexed their muscle-cars in the hot pursuit of upholding law and order and their distinctive black and white liveried patrols are the scourge of ner-do-wells and scoundrels attempting to escape the long arm of the law.

Modeled after the 585 Bhp rip-snorting monster that is the 2012 Chevrelot Camaro ZL1, the Vaterra CHP variant features an LED roof-mounted red and blue light bar along with a front mounted, lit push bar and comes ready to run with authentic CHP markings. Underneath the smart uniform lays the Vaterra V100-S platform, a neutral handling, 4WD shaft driven basis of fun and exhilarating performance. Twin gear differentials transmit the power from the 15T brushed motor through a fully ball-raced transmission to all four wheels where all that power can be transferred into forward motion courtesy of the S-compound shod deep dish and mesh style wheels. 30mm wide rear tyres provide a good blend of traction and slip whilst the narrower, 26mm fronts allow for a positive change of direction and a level of agility that inspires confidence, even amongst the most rookie of R/C officers. Scale mirrors, chrome tipped exhausts and brake discs with calipers add to the level of authenticity and realism and the Waterproof electronics help ensure that the 2012 CHP Camaro Z-L1 is ready to answer the call of duty whatever the weather.

Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology creates the RF link between car and officer assuring you of one of the best and well-trusted Radio technologies available today. No chance of interference due to frequency clashes, the Vaterra 2012 CHP Camaro ZL1 sport coupe enjoys a clean, crisp communication link as you hunt down the bad guys, lights ablaze and with all four wheels scrabbling for traction out of every turn.

Elegantly simple in design and detail, the DX2E has all of the basic functions required of any surface transmitter; featuring 2 channel operation and including servo reversing, adjustable steering rates and featuring an interchangeable grip design to enable users to optimise the fit of their transmitter to the size of their hand. It still retains the unmistakable look and feel of the other, higher priced Spektrum transmitters but now finished in a fuel-proof attractive matte black for a slick and professional look.

NiCad/Ni-MH:7.2v 1800mAh (Inc.)
Electric Motor:540 (Inc.)
Radio:Spektrum DX2E (Inc.)
Wheel Base:256mm

Email me when availabe!Out of Stock
Part No: VTR03012I
Item Name: Vaterra Chevrolet Camaro Z-L1
Brand: Vaterra

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